June 25, 2020 Newsletter

4 Time Management Tips for the School Psych

If you are a graduate student, newer school psych, or veteran school psych looking for some time management tips, check out these 4.  Click the button below to get 4 Tips in 4 Days.

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Summer Boot Camp Updates

WOW!  I cannot believe that we have over 600 school psych graduate students and credentialed school psychologists coming together this summer to learn and share resources.  We have chatted about fall testing, SEL, supporting our staffs when we return to school and more.  We have had some great interviews and there is more to come!

 In July, we will be covering more topics including “playing nice with others,” integrating yourself into your school culture, assessment, setting boundaries and trauma. 

 Registration for summer boot camp will close in early July, so if you have not already joined us, please do.  Have a colleague you think might benefit from being a part of the community?  Share this newsletter with them!

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July Book Club

Interested in chatting about Autism in July?  Check out our July book club.

I want to talk about autism!

May 7, 2020 Newsletter

NewslettersMay 7, 2020 Newsletter Summer Boot Camp for School Psychologists – Registration is opening soon! We are so excited to open up registration soon for this FREE summer boot camp.  For the first handful of school psychologists (or graduate students) who...

April 23, 2020 Newsletter

NewslettersApril 23, 2020 NewsletterPinterest We are now on Pinterest.  Check out our Pinterest board by clicking on our Pinterest link at the bottom of the newsletter.  While you are at the bottom of the newsletter, check out our social media pages on FB, IG and...

April 9, 2020 Newsletter

NewslettersApril 9, 2020New ResourcesNew Resources are available on the website ( covering the following topics: Interview and Resume Tips Behavior Resources for students who struggle with anxiety and motivation along with...

March 26, 2020 Newsletter

NewslettersMarch 26, 2020Resume HelpAre you sending your resume to districts soon? Make sure it is in “tip-top” shape. Check out our resume resources at RecourcesAre you working in a district that utilizes the PSW model for SLD...

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