March 12, 2020


Have you seen my YouTube videos about interviewing for school psych positions?

I was able to interview Kristin Makena and Elizabeth Hayashi about interviewing. Kristin has done her share of interviewing school psychologists as a former lead school psychologist and current administrator. Elizabeth has interviewed a handful of times over the last few years due to family moves and is sharing her tips for interviewing. Check them out HERE.


Added Resources

This month, we added resources to the website on the following topics:

  • Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Behavior Contracts

Check out all of our resources by going to

Newer School Psych Tip: Approach Everyone with Compassion

People are often doing the best they can with what they know at the time. That includes you!

As newer school psychologists, there are often times that you may think you are already supposed to know the answer to this question or that one. Then, you remember that our field covers so many areas and topics that there is no way to know it all.

More importantly, do you have resources? Do you have websites you can review for possible answers? Do you have trusted people at your sites and in your districts to ask questions? One of my favorite responses when asked a question I do not have the answer for is, “That is such a great question. I need to double-check one thing before giving you that answer.”

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