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LGBTQ Resources
    • Resource #1 – Wealth of information for supporting transgender and non-gender conforming students  – click HERE
    • Resource #2 – Resources for gender and sexual identify – click HERE
    • Resource #3 – Welcoming Schools: Tips for gender inclusive schools (including transgender and non-binary students) – click HERE
    • Resource #4 – LGBTQ Student Guide – click HERE
    • Resource #5 – Information for preventing suicide and Trevor’s unique resources for LGBTQ youth – click HERE
    • Resource #6 – Queer Kid Stuff aims to eliminate stigma by properly educating future generations – click HERE
    • Resource #7 – The Genderbread Person (edugraphic about gender) – click HERE
    • Resource #8 – Helping families understand LGBTQ children – click HERE
    • Resource #9 – Ted Talks relating to LGTBQ – click HERE
    • Resource #10 – 30 books for students with LGBT characters – click HERE
    • Resource #11 – PPT from Said no School Psychologist Ever FB Group – click HERE
School Psych Podcasts
Check these podcasts out wherever you listen to podcasts:
  • Trauma-Informed, Positive Behavior Support, and Education podcasts – click HERE
  • School Psyched!
  • RadioLab’s 2019 summer season was labeled “g” and the first two episodes discussed the Larry P decision (CA decision)
  • NASP Dialogues
  • Hidden Brain (human behavior and social psychology)
  • Invisibilia (invisible forces that shape human behavior)
  • The LDA Podcast (Learning Disabilities Association of America)
  • CHADD Podcast (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Serial Podcast:  Nice White Parents
Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Resources

For information about PSW Online Courses, click HERE.

If you are interested in joining PSW Monthly, find out information by clicking HERE.

If you are a graduate student and are interested in discounts for any of the online courses, send me a message on the Contact Us page.

Time Management Resources
Academic and Behavior Interventions

Check out these great resources from The National Center on Intensive Interventions

Scroll down for more Behavior Resources

Resume and Interview Resources

Resume Resources
    • Resource #1 – YouTube Video with general resume tips – click HERE
    • Resource #2 – School Psychology Resume Samples – click HERE
    • Resource #3 – How to Write a Psychology Resume – click HERE
    • Resource #4 – NASP:  Bringing your Vita to Life – click HERE
    • Resource #5 – NASP:  Developing your Professional Portfolio – click HERE
    • Resource #6 – NASP:  The Extracurricular Activities of a Future School Psychologist – click HERE
Interview Resources
    • YouTube Videos of Jenny interviewing two different people about interviewing – click HERE
    • Great sample questions that may be asked in an interview – click HERE
    • More sample questions to ask and be asked- click HERE
    • Fresno State Mock Interview Template – click HERE
    • Millersville Sample Interview Questions – click HERE

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