National School Psychology Week

November 9-13

I am keeping these resources up here through the end of Thanksgiving Week.


Monday:  3 Parent Newsletter Articles – click HERE to download articles to share with parents on vaping, suicide, and screentime.  Thank you to Sarah for sharing!


Tuesday:  School Psych Appreciation Poster/Post Card – You are amazing and others need to know that too.  Download the image to the left as a poster or a postcard (or both) and display proudly!



Wednesday:  Need help Summarizing?  I find that parents appreciate summaries that contain little to no “psych jargon.”  Need some examples for cognitive, academic, and social-emotional information?  Click HERE to download.


Thursday:  Visual Supports:  Need some ideas and visuals for behavior charts, self-reflection, break cards, and more?  Click HERE to check out the Google Drive Folder with lots of samples.  Thank you to Michelle on our NSP Insiders team for sharing!


Friday:  Motivation Support for Students – Have you read the great book The Motivation Breakthrough:  6 Secrets to Turning on the Tuned-Out Child by R. Lavoie?  I did and created a PPT and handout that I am sharing with you.  Use the PPT to increase your own knowledge or adapt it for a staff or parent training.  Click HERE for the materials.



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